It’s been a long year.

In charity retail, as in all other aspects of life, things have been tough. As retailers we are used to being active, sociable and customer facing. The last year has seen for a large part our teams either furloughed at home or super busy at work, trying to juggle a myriad of different tasks under incredibly difficult circumstances.

Now more than ever, as we head towards reopening, it’s vital to make sure teams’ wellbeing is a top priority. Many people will be feeling nervous, vulnerable and disconnected. Some will have been ill themselves – and some will have lost loved ones.

What’s clear is it’s vital to focus not just on the practicalities of PPE, managing donations and covering shifts. We must also spend time thinking about how it feels emotionally to return to business, and how our teams’ mental health can be cared for too.

That’s why we are making our “Wellbeing leads to well doing” session free for anyone who needs it. This is a recording of a webinar we held towards the end of the first lockdown, looking at how restorative practice can help charity retail teams have a safe and healthy return to work. Run by Restorative Practitioner Sarah Baggaley, the session provides insight and practical tips on communication, support, self care and good mental health.

You can access the course for free here.

We hope you find it useful – and wish you a safe and successful return to trading.