At this time of year, you can find yourself with a bit of money left in your expenditure budgets.

Sometimes it’s because you’ve managed to get better deals than you’d hoped. Other times planned and budgeted-for work just hasn’t happened.  That may be because of things like time pressures and staff shortages – or just dealing wit those curve balls that can come out of the blue in our sector.

Well, here’s the good news. We have a way that you can put that underspend to good use – and will reap rewards for you well into the future.

With over 3000 total learners benefiting from CRL courses in 2023, and we’d love you to be part of the 2024 Charity Retail Learning family! Click here to view all we have to offer.

Invest in your team

Investing in your team is always a good move. Motivating, upskilling, valuing and supporting staff and volunteers through training opportunities is a massive factor in any charity retailer’s success. And Charity Retail Learning can help provide you with all of that.

Here’s how:

  • All our content is completely focused on charity retail, making the training relevant and resonant from the outset
  • Our team support you every step of the way, making signing up and managing your team’s training quick and easy
  • It’s simple to access, with our click-through courses all accessible from a laptop, tablet or phone
  • Our Subscription offer gives your whole team of staff and volunteers access to all of our content at a massive discount
  • Individual courses start at just £25 plus VAT, making them affordable for every charity.
  • We provide reports for you to see how your team is progressing – and certificates for every learner when they pass their course

Our learners love our courses!

We’ve supported thousands of charity retailers through their learning with us. Here’s what some of them have to say:

“Excellent course and tutor, information was so relevant and helpful”

“This is a very informative course, and even though I’ve been involved with Gift Aid for some time I learnt some golden nuggets of information. The pitch and pace were excellent”

“Tutor was amazing – didn’t bombard me with info but made sure I knew all the relevant stuff – and also gave me a chance to do exercises based on my own shop”

“This course is so informative, gives a clear overview, offers best practice, and really gets you thinking differently about how to approach your work.”

Keeping it simple 

Because we’re charity retailers, we understand the challenges and restrictions you can face in so many areas of your work. So we’ve designed our services to be as easy as possible for everyone involved.

Whether you’re a Head of Retail wanting to upskill your team, a Learning & Development lead looking for relevant and great value training, or a Shop Manager taking a course in the back room of your shop – you can relax and let us sort it all out for you.

We’re looking forward to hearing from you!


More About Us

The Charity Retail Consultancy helps charity retailers and other non-profits be their brilliant best.

Charity Retail Learning provides online & face to face training developed by charity retailers, for charity retailers. We work in partnership with the Charity Retail Association to deliver training to their members and beyond.

The Charity Retail Coach – Dan O’Driscoll offers a first class executive coaching service

The Charity Retail Merchandiser – Kat Maclennan helps you create stunning and profitable displays in store and online

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