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Feedback from learners who have taken this course

“Self care, building a resilient team and the action plan were the outstanding parts of the course along with managing personal boundaries. I would definitely recommend this course.”

“I really enjoyed doing this course! It made me think about my current coping mechanism and helped me realise that there is so much more i could be doing to build my resilience. I particularly enjoyed the tasks given as it gave me the chance to really reflect on my learning and gave me some handy notes to look back on”


Resilience today is no longer a nice-to-have – it’s a must have.  This course gently takes you through all you need to know about resilience – what it is, how to find it in yourself, support others and develop a resilience plan to help you cope with the challenges of daily life – both in your charity retail world and beyond.

Because of the subject matter of this course, it’s delivered more slowly and gently than our other more operational sessions. We hope you enjoy it.

Course Outcomes

This session will help:

1- Improve our knowledge about ourselves

2- Increase our ability to overcome day to day challenges

3- Increase our awareness about our team members

3- Build our self confidence

4- Improve our communication skills

5- Build a better understanding of our emotional and mental wellbeing

5- Encourage and strengthen team spirit

7- Increase our awareness about dealing with stress and anxiety

8- Build more sustainable ways of improving the quality of our life

Tutor: Minoti Parikh

Length: 120 minutes.

Due to the reflective subject matter, this is a longer course than our usual sessions.  We recommend you find some quiet and uninterrupted time to complete it.

Cost: £35 plus VAT