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Thinking about our teams’ emotional response to the pandemic was so important. We ran a webinar with Lloyds Bank Foundation towards the end of the first lockdown to help people understand the things they need to consider for a happy, healthy return to work. The session was so popular we’ve made the recording available on our Academy site. The content remains valid now – how relationships are key to success and thinking about your own and your team’s wellbeing should be given the same priority as the practical solutions that we tend to focus on to protect and grow our profits.

Tutor: Sarah Baggaley

Course Length: 75 minutes

What to expect from this course

  • The course is a recording of a live webinar.
  • The course has question and answer sessions included.
  • There are downloadable resources to help you apply your learning.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understanding why relationships and connecting on an individual level is key
  • How to find ways to create a safe space to connect
  • How to create a shared plan together to support a safe and healthy way out of lockdown – and beyond – for your team

Cost: Free

This course has three PDFs that you can download here. Please see the video lecture for details.

Prompt Sheet - For Me
Prompt Sheet - For Teams
Needs Poster Guidelines