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Summary: Providing a great volunteer induction is always the right way to start off a positive volunteering experience. This course will talk you through what should be included, the things you need to think about when planning and delivering an induction and how to ensure that, once the volunteer is fully part of your team, they feel valued and recognised by you and your charity.

Tutor: Daniel O’Driscoll
Course Length: 1 hour

What to expect from this course

  • Multiple video lectures.
  • Multiple useful resources.
  • A final quiz to check learning.
  • If successful, you’ll be given a certificate.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this online course, you’ll have learned:

  • Why we have inductions
  • Delivering a consistent volunteer induction
  • The induction journey
  • Taster sessions and setting the expectations
  • Introducing Induction periods
  • Having volunteer catch-ups/conversations
  • Connecting volunteers to your cause
  • How to recognise your volunteers
  • Collecting volunteer stories

Materials that you will need for the volunteer recruitment module

  1. Materials to complete the exercises (pen, paper etc)
  2. Your current induction materials
  3. An induction checklist (if you have one)
  4. Your charities organisational values (if you have them)
  5. Your existing recognition materials
  6. Information about how your charity works with your beneficiaries
  7. A quiet space to complete the exercises

This course has a bank of lesson materials which can be downloaded individually as Word documents from the link below. Alternatively, you can download them all as a PDF below for printing and completing offline.

Access the individual Word documents.

Download all the files as a PDF.