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How to run a charity pop-up shop 
We believe that low-budget, short-term, quick-install pop-ups are set to surge on all our high streets. 
This course will help you understand the opportunities and possible pitfalls, embrace the planning 
processes and operational requirements, and show you how best to open up as well as close your 
pop-up shop. There’s also a bonus lesson on how to run a festival pop-up stall.  
The course is packed with top tips, real life charity popup experience, and is set to really help you 
and you charity, whether you’re planning a weekend festival stand or a longer term temporary 
pop-up shop. 


Jayne Cartwright, Founder & Director of The Charity Retail Learning

Length: 60 minutes

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this online course, you’ll have learned:

  • Know the opportunities and benefits of pop-ups
  • Understand the challenges
  • Become a Pop-up Planning Ninja! Understand how to create a set of planning tools to support a successful pop-up shop
  • Be confident in all operational areas including finding the right location, what you need from the building, who you need in your team and some advice around the legal aspects
  • Understand how to close down your pop-up
  • Know how to run a festival pop-up

Cost: £35 plus VAT per head